11 Ways to Earn With GrabPoints

Users asked for it! Here is an exhaustive list of ALL the different ways you can earn with GrabPoints.

  1. An invite code gets you 500 points. When you join, enter an invite code of a friend to earn 500 points right away!
  2. Complete the demographic questions at the beginning (when you join). This allows us to target more surveys and offers to you.
  3. Redeem the free daily promo codes
  4. Complete the daily GrabPoints trivia
  5. Watch videos
  6. Watch GrabPoints TV (only in the US). You earn 1-2 points for every video you watch!
  7. Complete surveys! Check daily for surveys. If surveys are available, you will receive an inline popop so that you don’t need to go hunting for surveys
  8. Complete Offers – Sign up for sites, try services.
  9. Trials – Find trials under “Complete Offers.” These require a small purchase but can result in BIG points.
  10. Promote GrabPoints – You can find this on the “Hot Offers” page or access through the menu. Create a video about GrabPoints and submit it to earn 500 points! You can also do forum postings and take pictures for additional points!
  11. Use the desktop version – One GrabPoints account – MULTIPLE offers. Access your GrabPoints account from any desktop and see different offers. Multiply your earning possibilities.

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